How to find the best urologist in Sydney

It can be a challenge to find yourself the best best urologist in Sydney. Here are some tips for patients to help them find the best urological surgeon for their condition.

Urologists are highly trained

All urologists are highly trained surgeons. To qualify as a urologist, a doctor must complete additional, intense, on-the-job specialist training. This is above and beyond their medical school studies and can take a further 8-10 years to achieve. To be the best urologist in Sydney for you, they should have been awarded a Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. This can be confirmed via their website, their office or on the AHPRA website for medical practitioners. Urological surgeons often display the “Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeon” logo on their website.

best urologist in sydney

Dr Tom Jarvis has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. For further information about Dr Jarvis’ training click here.

Urologists have different interests

Urologists often have special interest areas. Some are interested in oncology (cancers). Others are interested in functional urology (such as incontinence or overactive bladders), some have a special interest in fertility or sexual difficulties. Despite this, all urologists have excellent general urology training and will be able to

Dr Jarvis is a fully trained general urologist, with specific interests in functional urology (incontinence, overactive bladder, urodynamics), reconstruction (artificial urinary sphincters, urethral strictures), male sexual issues (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation), and female urology.

Ask your GP

Your GP often knows most of the best urologists in Sydney in your area. They know the urologists with particular interests that might be relevant to you.

Stay in your area

It is often more convenient to see a urologist near where you live. They are more likely to treat patients in a public or private hospital close by if you need surgery. This will make it easier for you to get to the hospital, easier to have your family visit and easier for follow-up appointments. Nonetheless, sometimes it is worth the travel if you get the service and experience you need. Consider this when you decide who the best urologist in Sydney is for you.

Beware of online reviews

Make sure you are careful about online review websites to find the best urologist in Sydney. Often they are one-sided and can be written by patients who have had a bad experience that often is unlikely to be repeated again.